As airline crew, layovers are an exciting part of the job; you get to see the world, experience new cultures and taste different cuisines. We know that eating out on layovers can be rather expensive, especially when your layover is in a famous city, and finding things to do takes time. 

This is why we have developed Crewpass – your go-to layover assistant for discounted restaurants and recommended things-to-do. Helping you save time and money!

Crewpass offers a wide range of cuisine and dietary options, ensuring all crew will be able to enjoy a great culinary experience when outstation. With the inclusion of recommended things-to-do, crew will always have something fun and exciting to see or do on their layovers. 

We hope you will enjoy using our app when it is released in the app stores!

Our Mission

To help crew save time and money by offering an easy-to-use tool where they can quickly find discounted restaurant offerings and recommended things-to-do, helping create a more memorable layover experience

Our Vision

To become the go-to benefits app for airline staff to receive the best offerings and recommendations, while ensuring an easy and simple interface. 

We aim to provide discounts and recommendations for only the best restaurants and activities for most destinations around the world

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